On the Bed She Was Lying


I’m so excited about my latest project for an Italian-British musician, Tiberio Ventura, who is launching his latest album. This film is combining the styles of Dear Jesse and Detour thru Your Mind and is a lot of fun to work on. The only schedule challenge in this film are the multiple characters in scene 9. To keep costs low a filmmaker should never agree to multiple characters, especially if they are turning around. Extra characters are extra work and the latter propels the animation out of Flash puppeteering and into hand drawn territory which is expensive and time consuming.  Fun, but not cost effective. Lesson learned on both client and artisan side, I hope. Thankfully, my deadline has been extended, so I’ll have another 45 days to lavish more love onto this piece.

 With luck, I’ll be able to meet Emmy guidelines as a producer with this film. I hired the great Aaron Clark to draw the BG layouts for the industrial scenes, and I may employ an animator to help me meet my deadline. Emmy statuettes go to producers while the crew gets certificates. So, finding venues for this piece and managing a crew should qualify me. I sure hope so. Learning that only producers get a statue while working on Sesame Street, who granted me my first film, was a hard, hard lesson and an incentive that I should never turn down an art administration offer again like I did at Warner Bros. Age brings confidence in communication skills. I’m not afraid to manage anymore, however, I still insist on also being an artist on any project I oversee. A colleague has assured me that the position described is called a creative producer. So be it. Bring it on.

For my next project, I am going to use a different style entirely. I’ve mastered specter of clean up and have learned to place my ego aside and collaborate with other artists to compensate my short comings in industrial backgrounds and storyboarding. I would like to do a project for the Cure and I know just the artist to collaborate with on the piece’s production design.

More on her later…



On the Bed She Was Lying from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.

Studio Work

My first six years of  character designs and storyboards from the analog years in the animation industry 1995-2001


Mondo Media 2000-2001: Piki and Poko’s Adventures in Starland

Click the image for storyboard .pdf


Spumco 1999: Heartaches and Polly Pocket

Click image for storyboard .pdf

Click image for storyboard.pdf



Rough Draft Studios 1998-1999: Futurama and Sony Children’s Television 1999: Dilbert

Character Layout Reel: Futurama and Dilbert from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.



Walt Disney Television 1998: An Extremely Goofy Movie



Warner Bros. 1995-1996: Space Jam and Pinky and the Brain




Detour Thru Your Mind

Detour Thru Your Mind is a collaboration between Animatress, the B52’s and hopefully Artworks to promote a greater understanding modern art to the general public.


The Storyboard

Here is a .pdf of the storyboard for directors who want a closer look as well as timing notes.








The Film ( in the colored layout stage in Adobe Animate/Flash and After Effects for the proposed animation crew)

Due to copyright restrictions, this film’s progress is private. Please email me for the password 🙂

Detour Thru Your Mind Completed Layouts and Pre-Viz from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.

The Storyreel

Detour thru your Mind from Ashanti Miller on Vimeo.