Ashanti Miller is an animation artist based in the Las Vegas area. Trained in LA at the California Institute of the Arts, she worked at the Los Angeles studios for five years before striking out on her own in search of more suitable projects in San Francisco and New York.

Ashanti loves fantasy, sci-fi and relational conflicts—especially with the artist community! In fact the latter theme is usually integrated in the former. Much like classic Disney, she loves the dichotomy of light and dark in her stories for in life, you need both!

Animatress is sites for Ashanti’s films she has produced for herself and her clients. To see Ashanti’s other sites, such as stand alone production work and her fantasy-satire webcomic, Superfical, please visit:

AshantiMiller.com ( Warner Bros. Disney and Sesame Workshop production samples!)

HipChick Comics ( a web comics about really pretty goddesses!)

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